Transport and logistics operator in A Coruña

Our main activity is the transportation of goods by road, covering both national and international routes, and providing our clients logistics solutions for both storage and distribution.

After 50 years of experience in the sector, our human resources, an up-to-date fleet of trucks and certified management processes allow us to offer the maximum reliability and professionalism when carrying out our work in logistics and transportation, and providing added value for our clients in an increasingly competitive, dynamic and global market.

Big facilities perfectly communicated with the main lines of communication of the peninsular northwest, adapting to different economic scenarios and implementing improvement processes, allow the company to consolidate itself as a logistics operator with an important presence in Spain.

It is increasingly common to carry out routes to countries of the European Union, offering our customers comprehensive coverage in the logistics and transport services they require.

Our Fleet




Tautliner semitrailers


Tipper trucks


Short side semitrailers


Tank powdery trucks


Silo truck

Mission and Values

Conde Fernández Hermanos: Mission and Values

Since the beginning, CONDE FERNÁNDEZ HERMANOS has clearly understood the means to achieve profitability: the satisfaction of our clients. And we can say that we retain clients with an age of more than forty years.
Flexibility and dynamism when providing solutions adapted to what the client needs at any given time is, without doubt, the way to survive in a very competitive market, especially in economic periods as complex and variable as the current one. We seek to satisfy all the needs of our clients, providing a flexible, quality service and optimizing their logistic needs, creating in the company an adequate work environment for our workers and suppliers.

Our goal to achieve profitability is first and foremost the satisfaction of our customers.

The respect and protection of the environment is carried out thanks to a renewal policy of our fleet, which has the least polluting and most efficient vehicles and engines at any given time, as well as thanks to an integral management of the waste generated in Our facilities.

Our Services



Innovation and experience in logistics

We offer global logistics management as warehouse, due to our big storage space. 



Modern fleet for every kind of goods

Our 50 years experience allows us to offer to our customers, the highest level of profesionalism in road transport.

Our Main Customers

Our History


Start as a family business

It is the origin of CONDE FERNÁNDEZ HERMANOS. In the Ourense region of Valdeorras, three brothers return from Switzerland and found a traditional company dedicated to the transport of goods by road. His first truck is a Pegaso 3 ejes, 200 CV.


Activity growth

The activity grows and the company focuses its activity on serving its customers in the area around the city of A Coruña. The company begins to provide service to such representative clients as Hijos de Rivera or Aluminios de Galicia (current Alcoa).


Creation of maintenance workshops

The increase in the number of vehicles requires the acquisition of real estate for the location of workshops in O Temple (Cambre), where the maintenance actions of the fleet are carried out.


Business Growth

The premises of O Temple are left and the ship of O Graxal (Cambre) is acquired as the main headquarters, and it is provided with a washing train for trucks, its own pump and a large warehouse for self-consumption of the fleet. This represents an important leap in the history of the company and small logistic support activities are initiated for customers.


New company headquarters

The headquarters is moved to the current location, in the Espiritu Santo – Sada Polygon, and a ship is built adapted to the current logistic needs, and support and maintenance of the vehicle fleet. The services of change of tires, washing train and fuel pump are installed in it.