Transport services

Maximum level of professionalim

in the road transportation of goods.

Our own fleet

made up of 35 units.

Prominence presence

Spain, Portugal and France.

Our 50 years of experience allows us to offer our clients the maximum level of professionalism in the road transportation of goods. With both our fleet of 35 vehicles and collaboration agreements established with reliable service suppliers, we are able to meet the needs of our clients throughout Spain and the EU.

CONDE FERNÁNDEZ HERMANOS has a prominent presence in Spain, Portugal and France, also attending the transport needs of our customers in other European countries.
With the help of several fleet management tools, we seek to optimize the provision of our services by managing specific transport routes, always combining the satisfaction of our customers with the most profitable management actions for the company.

Although our strength and responsiveness is high in full load transports (FTL), we have made significant progress in the management of groupage and fractional cargo throughout Europe (LTL).

CONDE FERNÁNDEZ HERMANOS offers the following transport services:

* Palletized goods (in tauliner, mega and semitautliner).
* Goods without palletizing (can be handled with a forklift or overhead crane).
* Bulk solid goods in dump truck.
* Bulk solid goods in tanker truck
* Goods in low side truck.
* Goods in platform truck.
* Dangerous goods (ADR).
* Full load and groupage