Business Model

CONDE FERNÁNDEZ HERMANOS is a family-run business, with moderate, controlled and stable growth.

Our philosophy has been to maintain a rate of growth in accordance with the needs of our clients, making the quality of our service and personalised attention.

We are constantly looking into new projects that combine an efficient service with the growth of our company, and that of our clients, always seeking to develop the most adequate logistics solution at any given moment.

Net amount 2017

(Net amount in million euros)

The services offered by CONDE FERNÁNDEZ HERMANOS are:

Our 50 years of experience in haulage allows us to offer our clients the highest level of professionalism in road transportation of goods at a European level.

We offer our clients complete logistics management as a storage warehouse, thanks to our ample on-site storage area. Our Just In Time (JIT) philosophy means that we are able to deliver the necessary goods to our clients at the precise moment they are needed, so they can produce what they need, as much as they need, when they need to.